You’re on the job, heading down Broad to make your rounds. Before you know it, a car comes out of nowhere and wrecks your work truck. But you’re not in such great shape either, and you might need to see a doctor.

It can be a scary situation, especially if you don’t know what steps to take. If an injury happens to you on the job, then you could get help during your recovery. Workers’ compensation covers over 135 million employees nationwide, including workers in Georgia. This means you might qualify for financial assistance while healing through your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance provider.

Qualifying claims

Whether you’re out making deliveries or working back at headquarters, most injuries done while performing your job could qualify you for workers’ compensation:

  • Getting into a traffic accident on the job with a work truck
  • Falling while climbing down from the driver’s seat
  • Slipping off the loading dock while getting a shipment ready
  • Straining yourself while unloading cargo

Receiving benefits

You can receive financial help during your recovery. The policy can handle medical treatments for your work-related injuries and lost wages. If a doctor sidelines you from work, you could be up for disability benefits.

Claim denial

Even if your claim is valid, the insurer can still turn down compensation. A few common reasons can cause a denial:

  • You don’t report the injury soon enough
  • You don’t go to the doctor right away
  • Your employer disputes your report of the accident

A denial isn’t the end of the road, but it can be the beginning of a complex process. You may go through mediation or proceed directly to a hearing. You can argue your case before a judge and show evidence to support your claim. The judge will consider the information, then decide on whether you get benefits and what they are.

Make sure you get the help you need after an accident. Getting injured can come with a hefty price tag that you might not have to deal with on your own. Knowing the rules behind workers’ compensation could get you back on the road in no time.