In order to qualify for Social Security disability benefits, a Georgia resident must meet certain requirements. As discussed previously on this legal blog, those requirements may include but are not limited to the individual suffering from an ailment that keeps them from working and that will last for at least 12 months. Greater detail on the specifics of qualifying for disability support from the Social Security Administration should be sought from a knowledgeable legal professional.

The Social Security Administration maintains, though, a listing of impairments that may serve as the medical bases for disability benefits claims. Illnesses and injuries related to practically every system in the human body are organized in the listing, including those that can affect and harm the heart.

The human heart is a vital organ that supports the entire body and its function is vital to the survival of the organism it serves. Unfortunately, there are many ailments that can impact is health, such as chronic heart failure, heart disease, and recurrent arrythmias. Some heart conditions can be remedied through advancements in modern medicine. Others may become terminal conditions from which individuals cannot recover.

The presence of a significant heart condition that prevents a person from working may serve as the grounds for a Social Security disability benefits claims. Individuals who pursue these claims, though, should be prepared to offer evidence of their conditions, the results of medical examinations and tests, and other sources of proof.

A heart condition may rob a person of their ability to work and to support those that they love. Case-specific guidance about how best to pursue a claim of disability benefits may be sought from Georgia-based disability benefits attorneys.