When people are healthy in Georgia, it can make life much easier. However, part of being human is the fact that people get sick or injured from time to time. Most of the time the illness or injury is temporary though and people recover relatively quickly and resume their normal daily life. This is not always true though and many people have injuries or illnesses that have major effects on their lives for multiple years or potentially the rest of their lives.

In this situations, it can be difficult to work while people recover or go through treatment. People who find themselves in this situation, may find it difficult to make ends meet as they no longer have the ability to earn an income. These people may be able to receive social security disability benefits (SSDI) though. These benefits provide people money to pay for their monthly needs as well as help with medical insurance and other needs people may have while they are focusing on getting better.

Not everyone suffering long-term illnesses or injuries is automatically entitled to SSDI though. There are certain requirements that must be met. One is that they must have worked enough hours over the previous ten years. Then people must also meet the definition of a disability. The definition of a disability is that the people cannot do the work they did before the disability, they cannot do a different type of work with their disability and last that the disability is expected to or has lasted for at least a year.

When people in Georgia suffer severe injuries or develop serious illnesses or diseases life can become very difficult. This is true both physically and financially. Many people are unable to work while healing from the injuries or illnesses, which means they lack an income to meet their needs. People in this situation may be able to receive SSDI to help with the financial difficulties, but first they must meet the definition of a disability. Obtaining SSDI can be a complicated process though and experienced attorneys may be able to guide one through the process.