Nobody expects to get injured on the job. Yet, workplace injuries an all too common occurrence in the Augusta area. Construction workers may be hurt operating heavy machinery or falling from scaffolding, warehouse workers may be injured lifting heavy objects, and even those in office positions can find themselves harmed by performing repetitive motions.

The good news is that worker’s compensation benefits can help offset some of the medical expenses and lost wages incurred as a result of an on-the-job injury. However, obtaining and maintaining the maximum amount of benefits can be challenging given that insurers are often looking for ways to minimize the severity of an injury and the need for extensive treatment.

This is why workers’ compensation claimants need to consider seeking out an independent medical examination in accordance with Georgia law. The purpose of this examination is to obtain what is supposed to be an unbiased medical opinion regarding the condition and the need for future treatment. Under the law, claimant has the right to one of these examinations, but an employer also has the right to request that an injured worker be examined by a medical professional of its choosing.

The results of any of these medical examinations can have a tremendous impact on a workers’ compensation claim. Employers and insurers may try to use the results to show that an individual’s injury is not disabling or bad enough to completely limit the type of work he or she can perform. Additionally, an insurer may use the results of one of these examinations to try to deny coverage of certain treatment.

Therefore, there’s a lot at stake when it comes to workers’ compensation medical examination. Injured workers should thus ensure that they are prepared to navigate the process with the competent representation they need and deserve.