Workplace injuries are far more common than many people realize. In fact, statistics show that a worker is injured on the job every seven seconds. This equates to more than 4.5 million workplace injuries per year. That number is nothing short of staggering.

Many of these injuries are minor in nature, such as cuts and general soreness. Yet, the most common types of workplace injuries can be quite severe. Sprains, strains, and tears to muscles and ligaments can knock an individual out of work for a significant period of time and require extensive medical treatment. The same is true of cut and puncture wounds. However, over-exertion, contact with equipment, and slips and trips account for most work-related injuries. These injuries can be found in any field, too, which means that anyone can be hit with the serious financial consequences associated with a workplace injury.

Those hurt while on the job don’t have to sit idly by while financial insecurity looms over them as they try to recover. Instead, they can seek out workers’ compensation benefits. If successful, one of these claims can provide the financial resources needed to offset lost wages and medical expenses. However, in order to be successful, an individual will have to prove that the injuries in question arose or were exacerbated while performing his or her job duties.

This, of course, can give rise to disputes with employers and insurance companies. So, too, can claims that certain injuries prevent an individual from working. For this reason, individuals who are unable to work on account of an injury suffered while performing their work duties should consider obtaining the assistance of a qualified legal professional. Armed with legal assistance, injured workers can rest assured that their interests are protected to the fullest extent possible given the facts at hand.